Friday, 12 May 2017

Laundry Room Mini Makeover

Hey there!  Sometimes it seems as if we are working all over the place, jumping form one project to another and back again! Which we totally are, but there is often a method to our particular brand of craziness.  While we really are focusing on a specific room that we want to see finished, we will pause and do something else when we need to do a supply run for our main reno.  Currently our main reno is our family room, which we have posted about here and here and here and here and here and even here, all the way back to January of 2016 when we were just dreaming about it.

Since our closest Home Depot is almost an hour away each way and since we have to also get groceries and stop at a few home decor stores while we are in the city, it just seems to make sense to pause and switch gears until we need to make the drive for more that just drywall compound, or a few pieces of trim.

We are close, so close to being finished with the family room, but we need another supply run and know we will need to get groceries later soon, so we moved into the laundry room to try to make it a little more functional.

While there was nothing really wrong with this space, other than the hideous industrial grey with a hint of purple paint colour, it just didn't function for us. It also had two doors that were constantly in our way; one to the hall and one to the closet in the room. You can just see a bit of both of them in the foreground of the photo below.

This room, for us is much more than a laundry space.  It also serves as storage for cleaning supplies, hot tub supplies, a walk through to our screen porch (where we often eat in the warm weather) and deck (to access our hot tub), a dog feed station (because our girl cannot drink without soaking the floor to save her life and this floor is easy care) and dog food storage.  As well, as a place to hang-dry swim suits and beach towels that we use every day for the hot tub (and the beach in the summer).  Oh, and a change room for stripping out of wet suits.

Plus as you can see in the above horrible photo, taken shortly after we moved in, we hang a lot of laundry to dry opposed to using the dryer.

We thought we would start by addressing the problem of space to hang beach towels.  We had picked up a ten foot piece of barn board and some stainless steel hooks, that are slightly nautical and slightly industrial looking. We thought we could combine the both to make a full wall of towel hooks.  We don;t really need that many on a day to day basis bus when the family is all here we sure do!

We had a can of paint leftover from another house, it is called cappuccino by CIL, to us we can only assume the are referring to the foam on a cappuccino as it is not a brown shade at all.  It reads more, creamy grey beige with a hint of green if that is a thing! So Ian started painting out the room, well really just this one wall for now. The rest will come later.

Then he hung the barn board, which he secured into several studs.

Next came the hooks!  I love having so many!

There is room for towels and robes, too! We wear those to and from the hot tub in the winter!

From there we were able to remove the hall door to the laundry room, we never closed it and it actually took up a lot of space.  Once we had the new hooks we didn't need the door at all, it's only purpose was to hang towels on the back of it.  Boy does it ever give so much more visual space!

Next we turned our attentions to the closet.  It was full of cleaning supplies, hot tub chemicals, clothes waiting to be donated, dog food, and paper goods. It was one of those scenarios where the door wouldn't stay shut because there was so much junk stuffed into it.

This is another space where the door was just in the way. So we emptied the closet sorted and purged the stuff, assessed our storage needs and got busy.

There was a rod that we didn't need and one shelf, and we desperately needed to multiply.

Ian removed the rod, and shelf.  Then we painted out the walls and baseboard inside the closet. And then he added two more, full width but slightly shallower than the depth of the closet, shelves

Ian also added trim to the front of the shelves to make them look more substantial. Once the shelves were painted out I got busy filling the closet back up!

It now works perfectly for us! And actually makes the laundry room feel just that little bit larger! You may have noticed we painted out the exterior door, we actually did that last summer.  However it doesn't really match now so it will be repainted one day.

What you cannot see in this photo is we also changed out the light fixture to one that is brighter and more energy efficient. 

Next steps include painting the rest of the walls and baseboard, deciding what to do with the rod over the appliances, which we use all the time to hang-dry clothes, but it is less than attractive.  We are contemplating some shelves.  We shall see.  And maybe some decor. For now it is open and functional, so it is a win!

Thanks so much for visiting today!
Ian and Laura

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