Thursday, 4 May 2017

Family Room Fireplace Mantel

Hey there! Last week we shared the wood accent wall and fireplace surround that Ian created for the family room, so today seemed like a perfect time to share the mantel that he created as well.

We pondered our options for a while actually, we debated over building something or looking for a salvaged piece.   In an effort to call something finished (we have so many projects on the go) we opted to have Ian build something.

We figured we could always change it up at a later date if we found something we couldn't live without!

Turns out, we totally love it!  Now we just have to accessorize it! I added a couple of things just for this photo but I have my heart set on something larger above the opening.

Next steps still include painting out the brass trim on the fireplace and adding some art to the wood wall to the right of the fireplace.

Thanks so much for visiting today!
Ian and Laura

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