Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Our Family Room Make Over Continues

Hello!  Even though our posting has been sporadic at best, we are continuing to plug along with our family room make over.

If you recall, this is the inspiration board we put together for the space.  We shared this over a year ago, long before we could start to work on the space, sometimes the dreaming part is all you can achieve!  While most of this inspiration is still on our wish list, a few things have evolved over time..

Recently, we have been working on changing the lighting, painting walls, replacing trim and refacing the columns.

Here is a little peek at a BEFORE photo.

Despite being in our basement, this room has a lot going for it.  For one, it is huge!  Like almost 25' x 25', and it has great light and fairly large windows for a lower level space!  Although, the room felt a little lack luster before we started our renos, partly due to the wood trim, paint colour (which is decidedly more fleshy in low light, as in all winter long), fluorescent lighting and window coverings. Which are all things we have been addressing lately.

As you know, we have swapped out the carpet for new flooring that is much more kid, dog, and snack friendly. If you missed that post, you can check it our here. We still love it!

We also painted out all of the walls, this Silver Satin colour by Benjamin Moore.  It is fresh and airy, but still cozy enough for a lower level.  It is the perfect soft warm greige and we are so happy we found ti!  It looks especially lovely with the new white trim.

Ian pulled all that old, dried out ugly wood trim down off the walls and replaced it with nice clean new white trim.

The baseboard is pretty standard trim, however the trim along the ceiling is something we created ourselves.

We also created custom window trim for this space,

This is a hard window to photograph as it gets great light so you'll have to take our word for it the trim looks waaaay better!

You can also get a glimpse of our new window treatment in this pic, with it's white blinds and grey and beige striped drapes.  They are a perfect combination for this space!  There is also a small window which we are working on creating a custom treatment for. Mostly because I totally forgot to order a blind for it when I ordered the other blinds! ;)

The fluorescent light fixtures were swapped out with these fixtures.

These fixtures were chosen largely due to the fact that the prices was right ($39 at Costco), they are clean looking and do not really attract a lot of visual attention.  They are not often on so we didn't want to make a huge investment.  Of course, when we took down the old fixtures we found so many holes in the ceiling. It seemed as if who ever installed the old lights drilled into the ceiling saying "no stud here, no stud here, no stud here" etc.  There were over fifteen holes for fixture in this spot alone!

So ceiling repair is another project on our list!

Since removing the columns wasn't an option, Ian dolled them up with bead board wainscotting and fresh trim.  The tops were painted the wall colour and the trim and bead board was painted the same fresh while as the rest of the trim in the room.

Of course, Ian is a details guy, so he switched out all of the electrical outlets and light switches in the room, too.

Fresh white, beats 30 ear old beige any day of the week!

Next on our list for this room, is removing the weird bit of paneled walls.  You can sort of see them on the walls behind the columns in the photo above. As well as some sewing, new sofa slip covers,  And on and on! You know how it goes!

We are also starting a new project in the living room this week.  And of course, as the weather is turning nicer we are wanting to be out of doors so we will likely be beginning a few projects out there, as well.

Thanks for visiting!
Ian and Laura

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