Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Our Family Room Fireplace is getting a Makeover

Hey there!  If you recall, we shared back in February that we started a makeover on our family room.  We have a lot of plans for this space, and have already replaced the flooring which included adding some tile around our fireplace; as well as a fresh coat of paint and lots of new trim work.  It is so nice to see things starting to come together!

Here is a little peek at the fireplace as the tile is going in.

This fireplace is not the prettiest thing in the world, but it is an integral part of our heating.  We do not have central heating in this house, which is quite unusual for our area of the world. However, this fireplace is so efficient you would never know it.  Plus it offers really lovely ambiance and makes this room a super cozy place to hang out in on cold winter nights.

We had a vision for this space, to make it feels like the cozy space it is.

And while we have changed a few things along the way, one of this things we had our hearts set on was a wood feature wall!

Ian has been busy making that wish come to fruition lately, and today we would like to share the first stage with you.

Our hope was to make the fireplace look more like it was an integral decor element of the room and not an after thought.  Ironically, it was an integral part of the house wen it was built 30-ish years ago!

We knew that whatever else happened around the fireplace, it needed a dark backdrop so we began by painting the area behind it a dark grey.  We just used some leftover paint which helped to save a few dollars.

And then Ian began framing in the space.

We had already chosen the wood we were going to clad the wall in so, he framed with those specifications in mind.

Our thought was that we would run the wood boards horizontally on either side of the fireplace and along the ceiling and then run the boards vertically between those two areas.

We also framed out the wall beside the fireplace.  On the opposite side of this wall is our storage room. For some strange reason this wall was cheap panelling, needing to change that up is sort of what prompted us to created a feature wall in this area.

As you can see from the photo above, Ian is super pleased with how the wall is turning out.

We were on the fence as to whether or not we would be adding baseboard and ceiling trim to this area, to match the rest of the room.

We decided that we would leave it open to whether or not we thought it was needed, aesthetically speaking.

This process came together super quickly!

We love how warm it looks and the fabulous texture it offers!

We do need to decide on a mantel for this space and are currently tossing around ides.  As there is no rush, we may poke around at a few of our favourite antiquing haunts.  Or Ian may just decided to DIY one of his many ideas!

Next steps include painting out the brass trim on the fireplace and adding some art to the wood wall.

Thanks so much for visiting today!
Ian and Laura

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