Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Bathroom Mini Makeover

When we purchased this house we knew that we would want to give the main bathroom a complete (or almost) gut job / makeover and we also knew that because that is such a big job we would be leaving it until after Ian's retirement.  It just didn't make sense for Timmy and I to live with a bathroom reno for weeks on end when Ian could only work on it during the weekends.  So we pretty much decided to live with it as is until then.

We did immediately switch out the toilet for a new low flush model, definitely better for the environment and our septic system. Other than we left things pretty mush as is.

This is a before photo, taken the day we moved in.

Until this past week that is; when I couldn't stand the crappy blue paint job one more minute.  There was blue paint on the ceiling where the previous owners had hit it with the roller numerous times, there was blue paint marks on the floor, the vanity and the baseboards!  And there were spots on the walls where they missed spots, too.  Basically it was a mess and ugly to boot!

 Here are a couple of more "before" photos, taken after we tried to spruce up the room a bit.

I took down the one towel rod under the window and repaired the wall.  We prefer hooks behind the door for our bath towels. I had leftover paint from the guest room across the hall, which I love so I painted the walls with "Barley Beige" from CIL.  It immediately brightened up the space.

The trim and baseboards were previously painted a creamy colour which looked really dingy in the room, so I freshened them up with bright white paint.  There is just something about clean white trim!

As you can see in the "before" photos the vanity was also cream so I painted it with  CIL's "Mansard Stone" which was also left over from the guest room.  It is the colour that I used to paint the beds.

As you can see, all of the fixtures are grey and quite dated (with the exception of the new toilet) and while we plan to replace all of them, they do look slightly better with the new grey colour scheme opposed to the old blue and cream scheme.

Oh and we changed out the handles on the vanity, too!

The ceiling was also very stained and dingy, so I gave that a fresh coat, too.

Now we are on the hunt for new lighting (we have been sort of looking off and on for a year but cannot find just the "right one), new flooring, a new vanity (we like this one and this one from, but are not totally sure, as it is such a huge decision.  We do like that they look more like furniture, have good storage and have classic clean lines.), a new mirror and a new piece of art to hang over the toilet. We would love a new and deeper tub, but are just not sure that it will make the cut when it comes down to the budget  -  time will tell.  We are also thinking of doing bead-board or board and batten in there as well as always the list goes on!

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Ian and Laura