Monday, 27 June 2016

Guest Room 2 Reveal

Hi there!  Today we are sharing a look at our newly finished second guest room. We recently blogged about painting and replacing the flooring in this room here, and about how this used to be a craft room before we decided to create an extra guest room.

This is a tiny little room, but so lovely with great dappled sunlight that streams through the large tree in the front yard.  Being tiny, created a bit of a challenge as we really had our hearts set on two twin beds for this room.  We are happy that we were able to make it work!

The beds are inexpensive unfinished beds from IKEA and were painted in CIL's "Mansard Stone" , the walls are in "Barley Beige" also from CIL, which is much more grey than beige.  The beds do not need box springs, but I think we will watch for a sale and pick up a couple, as the beds do sit a little low.

The little night table was pinched from Timothy's room as we have given him a larger one. It used to be red and received a coat of fresh white paint.

The lamp is a Homesense find. We bought the Matelasse bedspreads from Amazon and the grey blankets are from Sears.

This room has a few small sewing projects.  The pillows on the beds were the jumping off point for the decor and colours.  They were actually originally made for the living room, but they felt more bedroom-y when they were done, so they migrated into this room.  They were created from a tablecloth purchased at IKEA.  Two pillow covers for $15.00 is a great deal in our books!

The curtain has been in our "stash" for a while and is so pretty with the floral pillows.  Actually the pillow has a little inset of the drapery fabric, which helps tie them together nicely.  And speaking of ties, the tie back was also made from the drapery fabric.

We were gifted this sweet memo board a while ago, and it has hung in the craft room ever since.  However, in an effort to save time and not have to do many wall repairs we decided that it would stay in this room.  We love how pretty and cottage-y it feels.  And it is a great place to post the WI-FI password for our guests. Plus it fills up and empty wall.

I used some scraps leftover from the pillows and curtain to make this sweet swag to hang on it.

These frames were also hanging  in this room when it was a craft room, at that time they housed scrapbook layouts.  I painted up a couple of quick little water colour paintingz to insert into them. I decided to add in a pop of green to warm up the space a bit.

Again, these shelves were leftover from the previous decor.  So we shopped the house to find some fun things to adorn them. Sticking with black, white, grey and green it was super easy to pull together an airy look. And nice to put some of these pieces to good use.

We re-purposed this little dresser to give our guests a space to put a few things. We also added in the guest book that we used to keep at our trailer. 

We also re-purposed this little IKEA shelf to hold guest towels and extra blankets, in the closet. (Please ignore the tie dye kit, we picked it up to use with some of our guests that are coming this summer!)

We are super happy with how this space turned out, and cannot wait for it to be used this coming weekend!

Thanks for visiting!
Ian and Laura

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Deck Modification Phase 1 | Hot Tub

Hello!  We are in the process of renovating out back deck, so we thought we would pop in and do a bit of sharing.

Here is a photo of the backyard that I snapped while we were having our home inspection before we closed on the house.  We have a large yard that is fenced (albeit an old chain link fence but it works just fine to corral the dogges).  The deck and screen porch are both small spaces so we decided to enlarge the deck as soon as possible.

The existing deck really is only large enough for a BBQ and a few chairs.  Ultimately it would be nice to also have the option of dining out here.

The deck is structurally sound but the flooring was not finished with deck boards and the gaps are far too wide, so resurfacing it is in our plans, too.

We have all of these lovely woods behind us, and trees between the properties, so it is nice and private and quiet back here, a great place to while away some time.

We had been wanting to add a hot tub to our yard, actually a hot tub has been on our wish list for a while now because Ian has a really bad back.  We were super lucky to be given a previously owned hot tub from our daughter-in-law to be's family, a few weeks ago! They inherited it with their house and didn't want it. Of course we jumped at the opportunity!

via Pinterest

Our goal is to add a second lower level onto our deck something like this photo, above.  The new level will house the hot tub and hopefully our patio table and chairs.  But we will not have as many stairs between our two levels. We will also likely use fence boards opposed to lattice to skirt the upper deck.  We are also looking at options other than spindles for the railings.

via Pinterest

We are also liking this style of stairs, we love that they are clean, closed in and that we can add lighting to the risers (it is DARK here at night).

So this past weekend, Ian moved our stairs so that they come straight out from the deck, to accommodate a deck for the hot tub.

The hot tub pad will be about 6 inches wider than the hot tub on all four sides, and will eventually be below our second deck area with the top of the hot tub standing slightly taller than it.


Our yard is not level, in fact we have never had a flat or smooth yard, so we leveled our posts to accommodate the grade. And then framed it out.

Our pup, Ruby Tuesday, likes to be close, she hung out with us for the day even though it was stinking hot and we kept trying to convince her to go in. She did go play in her wading pool a few times, though.

 Once the framing was done we added in supports every 12 inches on centre.

We supported every second one with a deck block for extra strength.

And then we started laying out the decking.

It is exciting to see things start to come together!  After we cut the deck boards to size, we called it a day, it was so hot and Ian had to get ready to go home.  Next weekend we will affix the boards and try to see if we can move the tub into position.


Our little helper was still at it, right to the end!

We can't wait until this phase is done and we can enjoy the tub and add some planting around it, will be sure to share the process!  

Thanks for visiting!
Ian and Laura

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

New Flooring in the Bedrooms

We have a partial share today, we have been busy replacing the flooring the 2 of the 3 upstairs bedrooms. 

We started in our son's room and then moved on to the new upstairs guest room (formerly a craft room).  Eventually, like maybe next year we will do our room, as well. Why is the master bedroom always the last to be completed?  We did purchase the flooring already, at least, so that it will match.

Pulling out the old carpet was the biggest and most challenging part of this DIY.

The carpet was at least 2 1/2 inches under the baseboard and into the wall, and in a few spots it was almost 6 inches into the wall.  We do not even know how that is possible.  It was almost like the walls were built around the carpet! lol. And boy did Ian struggle with pulling it out.  It took a few hours to pull out the carpet in our son's room alone.

Not only was the carpet inside the wall several inches, it was stapled in place with the giant staples, which were also behind the wall board.

Thankfully, the sub-floors were in great shape!

As recommended we used an underlay beneath our laminate flooring.

 The flooring went in really nicely.  Ian always does a great job at laying floors.

Even after just one course, you could really see how much nicer the room would look!  It is super exciting at this point.

We put in several courses in no time.

Of course, there is always at least one tricky area in a room, and sliding a narrow piece under this bit of baseboard and then along the run and under another bit of baseboard on the other side of the door frame, took some finagling for sure!

But Ian finally managed to get it done and looking perfect.

We do not have a finished shot of this room just yet as we have other projects on the go in here - so stay tuned for that.

But from there we started in the new upstairs guest room.

Again we had the challenges with the carpet removal, but we had learned a trick or two from doing the other room so it was a bit quicker.

This room progressed really quickly and we just love the way it turned out!

Did I mention that prior to putting in the new flooring in the room we gave it a fresh coat of a soft grey paint?

Here is a little before shot for you.  The paint was a purpley grey, inherited from the previous owners.

We so love how much more fresh and airy this room is!

We have been working on adding quarter-round in here and painting out the trim.  We will share a reveal of this whole room soon!

Thanks for visiting!
Ian and Laura

Friday, 17 June 2016

Exterior Lighting

Boy do we ever have a lot of changes on the go; like new flooring in two of the three upstairs bedrooms, of course neither room is photograph-able at the moment, like converting a craft room to a guest room; also not finished enough to photograph; like adding an office / craft area to our family room - yup you guessed it not ready to photograph that either! Oh and outside, we are prepping to add a hot tub, and an extension onto our deck.  Hopefully I will be able to share some of the process with you soon.

In the meantime, I can share some simple changes that we have made to the front of the house.

We have removed the screen door, as neither of us are fans, but admittedly they do give you an extra line of defense in keeping a bolting dog inside! In my usual non committal style, I asked Ian to take off the screen door but leave on the hardware in case I changed my mind! We will live with it like this for a bit before we make the final decision to leave it off.

We also swapped out the light fixtures, opting for something in a white metal colour with a slight nautical feel.

We bought a third light for the back of the house, it may or may not get installed this year. Ha! You think I am joking?  We did the same thing with our last house and changed the fixture in the back of the house 5 years later when we put it on the market!  We really hope that is not the case with this house!

Here is a little reminder of the front of the house with the old lights and screen door still there. 

We love how much more open and airy the front of the house looks.

We also love that we can now fully appreciate the new door Ian installed last fall!

Thanks for visiting! We hope to be back real soon with a reveal of our second guest room.
Ian and Laura