Thursday, 18 February 2016

DIY Coastal Candle Urn | Tutorial

Things on the DIY front have been super quiet, so many other things are consuming our weekends.  I did do a little crafting this week though.  I made more Mason Jar Lid coasters,  after test driving the first batch for a month and really loving them, we decided we wanted some for the family room, too.

I also gave a coastal spin to some dollar store vases.

I picked up the vases for $2 each before New Year's to hold some balloons that our son wanted to put on the buffet table.  I had some Jute Twine left over from another project, so the wheels got spinning.

Instead of putting the vases into a cupboard / the black hole of no return, I decided to wrap them with the twine to give them a relaxed coastal sort of look. 

I started out by hot gluing the end of the twine to the vase and then I wrapped a piece of Washi tape around the vase to give me a visual straight line and help me keep the twine level.  Then I wrapped it around about nine times and added another bead of hot glue.

I love candle holders in all varieties, but the urn style always feels that little bit safer.

I am loving the way that these turned out!

 Come the summer we can use these on the deck without worry that the wind will constantly blow out the candles.  Ah summer, so looking forward to that!

Now I am off to find a place to display these babies!

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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Feeling the Love

Are you already for Valentine's Day tomorrow?  Us too!  We usually keep things real, real simple.  A treat for the kids and a card exchange for Ian and I.  We tend to celebrate with a nice quiet dinner for two at home.  Most often made by Ian, but occasionally it is a joint effort.  Although, I will usually opt to take care of setting the table, lighting candles, pouring the wine - you know the easy stuff! ha!

Tomorrows forecast is expected to be bitter cold again, so I think we will snuggle in with a movie after our dinner.  Any movie suggestions?

Speaking of Valentines and love.  I made a super quick and easy throw pillow cover (yes another one - can't help it, it is addictive) for a little rectangular pillow to theme up the living room in seasonal style!

The fabric is left over drop cloth, and the word was cut using a Silhouette Cameo from Heat Transfer Vinyl.

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Ian and Laura

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Attempting to Style the Dry Sink

You know how sometimes you can look at something and not love it but ignore and other times it just needs to be fixed ASAP.  Well, we have had this dry sink for a few years now; it is an antique piece in 'rustic' condition. It has served different purposes over the last few years, and while we love it, it is challenging to style because of the recessed top.  It has sat like this (photo above) since we moved into our home back in August.  Not really loving it, but not knowing what to do with it either.

Then one day, it went from meh, to need to fix this now! So we spent a bit of time, trying to make our dry sink look a little nicer.

This is where are at today with it.  It is not finished but it is a good start and at least it doesn't aggravate us to look at it! ha!  It is a little fresher and we love the different heights of the elements.

To address a portion of the recessed area, we painted up this little wooden box we had kicking around.  Gave it a little back sanding and then rubbed it with some dark walnut stain.  Everything  we had on hand so that = free, which is great!

The plant has lived here for a while and likes it here because it gets lots of sun, and it is not at risk of being knocked over by our dog so we worked around it.  On a side note, we do not have green thumbs at all, but we have had a piece of this plant since we were married so we try hard not to kill it like every other plant we have owned! It does have pretty good height though so that is nice.

This mini off white cake plate was pulled out of a cupboard to sit upon the now green box.

We love this large tarnished gold clock and how it sits above the dry sink. Just a pop of rustic glam.  We bought it a few years back for a fraction of the original cost because it wasn't working.  We figured Ian could fix it, but if not it was still pretty.  It works now :)

The floral print was in a closet for forever.  Part of a trio we picked up on clearance for about $2 at IKEA a million years ago.  This one has been in the packaging ever since then.  The other two live in our guest room now, in green frames (you can see them here).

The frame was also from IKEA, purchased at the same time and yes still in the package. It was naked and boring, so it got a super quick coat of gold spray paint (leftover from another project) then we back sanded it to remove the shine and rubbed it with the dark walnut stain as well.

It turned out great, it definitely looks gold but in a quiet way.  :)

The "all you need is love and the lake" sign was DIY'ed from a re-purposed frame which we spray painted black and removed the backing.  The phrase was cut from vinyl with a Silhouette and adhered to the front of the glass.  The glass was then hot glued to the frame to hold it in position.  All that = free, too!

We are currently enjoying just leaning "art" pieces against one another.  It offers nice dimension and no commitment ;)

Here is a refresher of the before, it is definitely an improvement.  A free one at that!

The little cake plate needs something on it maybe. Hmmmm.

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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Some New Pieces for the Living Room

We picked up a couple of new pieces for the living room, recently.

We found this pretty little table at a small home decor store that we spotted while on our way to the ER with our youngest last week.  We just can't help but to look at shop windows when we are driving through a new area!  We went back a couple of days later to scope out the shop and loved it.  It will definitely be on our list of places to check often.

If you recall this is the table that was in this spot, we thought it was just a little too large and chunky to sit in front of the window.

The new table is a much better fit and we love that it is round, we were really hoping to be able to find a round one.

It has a great metal base that is super sturdy, it is a gunmetal / graphite grey in colour with just a hint of gold brushed onto a few spots.  Love it!

The top has a really nice patina and is a good solid piece of wood.  Can we just say that we have a major pet peeve with how thin and dry a lot of wood furniture is right now!

We also found this print at Homesense.  We love that it has a lot of greens in ti, the frame is a good colour and it is a lake setting!  It checked off a lot of our wishlist for only $20.00, and it is a numbered print, too!  Gotta love it!

It sits over the table that we moved from in front of the window (to accommodate the new find) to beside the sofa.

The living room is really feeling like it is coming together.  We will have to share a photo of what the room looks like now.  We are really enjoying it, and spending much more time in it than we have in any of our previous living rooms. The light is great so it is good for reading, lingering over morning coffee on the weekends or pre-dinner drinks if we are entertaining.

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