Monday, 4 January 2016

Meaningful Art in a Childs Room

Happy New Year friends!

We recently spent some time gathering a few new art pieces to hang in our youngest son's room, along with some that he has had for a while.

Art is important in every room in a home, as it personalizes it. But, I think when we think of art we often see dollar signs, which does not have to be the case.   Art doesn't always have to mean an original painting or photograph (although that would be lovely), it can also be a family photo, a piece of architecture or framed memorabilia, to list just a few ideas.

We opted to create the beginnings of a gallery wall over our son's bed, that he can add to over time.

We measured each piece and then cut out the shape and size from craft paper, which we adhered to the wall in a layout that seemed to work, using painters tape.

Next we measured where the hanger was on each piece and set a screw and anchor into the correct location.  (Ian doesn't love picture hooks, but you could use those of course.)

Well most of them went into the correct location ;) hehe!

It looked pretty great once it was all complete!

We also hung this set of hooks, on another wall.

And this saying sign, that was painted on a salvaged door jamb.  This has been hanging in his rooms since his adoption and is meaningful to all of us.

Let us break it down a bit for you about why this art is meaningful to him and us, it may help you choose pieces for a room in your home.

  • the oar was chosen because we moved to a lakeside community and our son loves spending time on and in the water, it was picked up for about $20. at an antique shop
  • the dream catcher speaks to his native heritage, it was about $15. at a local native arts centre
  • the Disney share was a gift a few years ago, and speaks to his love of Disney World, it is great that it is a larger piece but wasn't cheap because it is an actual share and was custom framed however this could just as easily be a framed piece of his own art
  • the "T", his initial,  is an antique sign letter that we scored while antiquing for about $30.
  • the painting of the dog, belonged to and was commissioned by Ian's dad, who passed away before our son was born, but that doesn't stop our son from loving him and embracing their shared love of dogs - our son claimed this piece when we inherited it (= free)
  • the two small photos on the end are prints of old row boats, chosen again for their reference to the lake but also for the colours in each of them - they only cost the price of the Ikea frames and the price of printing - $6. each including printing - there are lots of resources online to snag free prints, like this one, of course you may have a photo of your own to print
We have a few pieces left that we will be using for a future project, we will share them wen it is complete.

Thanks for visiting!
Ian and Laura

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