Monday, 11 January 2016

Mail Order Blinds | Yes we did!

We needed some blinds for the living room, not really for privacy per se. More to filter the light of the hot summer sun, this window takes on the full impact of the afternoon sun.  The blind means we use the air conditioning much less.  And it protects the furniture from sun deterioration.

Let us just take a second to apologize that these photos are a little grainy, it is so bright in this room which is perfect for taking photos of everything but the windows with that light behind it.  Not complaining though, I love that this room is bright!

Yes we still have a few Christmas decorations up.  We need to get on that, they are just not in the way at this house so it is easy to ignore that "to do"!

It is nice to be able to cover this large window at night time, even though we have only a few direct neighbours, the window being bare can make you feel like you live in a fishbowl.  I have to say we love how it looks closed in the day time too, so bright and airy.  But of course, they are usually open.

We priced out blinds at Home Depot, they quoted us $350. plus $60. more if we wanted the optional valance. They are a custom order but we was still hoping not to spend so much money.  HD said that they could do them a fair bit cheaper if we was willing to use two blinds on this window. But we weren't loving the sound of that.  A seam / gap down the middle??  No thanks. FYI, this window is 95 1/4 inches wide.  And the wait time at HD was several weeks.

Then we found (or .com if you are from the US). Admittedly, we were a bit nervous about ordering a custom blind online.  However, the site has a ton of info and is super easy to navigate. Their price was $290. including the valance. (We have not installed the valance as of yet and likely will not, it is just a personal choice but we are trying to stick with a lighter look.)  And shipping is free!!

We opted for a linen colour light filtering roller shade, they had a few nice neutrals to choose from, this colour is in the drapes so it was a perfect choice.  You can choose which side the opener sits on, so it works best for your room.

After clicking send on our order, we waited. We received an email when our order was processed.  We also received an email with a link to install instructions, though they did also come with the blinds.   We were delighted when the blinds arrived at our door, in well under two weeks, they were exactly what we were hoping / expecting both in quality and fit.  The install went super smooth.  And we think they look great! 

We also ordered blinds for the basement, a different style, we will share these at a later date.

PS has a sale on right now.  PSS this is not an affiliate post, we just love our new blind!


  1. This is great to know! We have struggled with our front room, that has 2 windows like this. thanks for the info and btw your house looks fab!!

    1. Thanks Danielle, I wish you could come check them out they are really nice quality!