Thursday, 14 January 2016

Family Room Inspiration Board

Our family room is going to need a whole lot of work to get it looking how we would like it to.  We are aiming for a cozy lake house look, somewhere to snuggle and watch movies or play games.  Something super kid and pet friendly and welcoming to guests.  It is pretty much a blank canvas at the moment.

We do not have a floor plan of the family room, which is in our basement, a half story below grade as our house is a ranch style.  You can, however, get an idea of the size of the space by looking at this main floor plan.  The family room is the entire space below the living room, dining room and kitchen.  The whole space measures about 25' x 27'.  Because it is so large, it will need to be broken down into zones.

We have a couple of photos taken of either side of this room, just as we were moving in.  They are not pretty so please forgive that.

in the midst of unpacking

This will be the main zone that we use, as we are big movie watchers.

We purchased the pieces to our entertainment unit separately as our TV grew, lol, so they do not quite match.  We plan to fix that by painting them out.  Originally, we thought grey, but have since decided on a creamy white.

The whole room needs painting, we just picked up a sample of "Light Pewter" by Benjamin Moore.  We found it online, and headed into our local BM store for a sample.  They didn't have a chip as it is an older colour but when we asked for it, they confirmed the colour for us on a deck and had no problem whipping up a sample sized can.

After quick test patch we confirmed that this is the paint for our family room, it is a warm beige grey with a slight green undertone, although Ian doesn't see that :) .

The room needs lighting, too, those fluorescent fixtures have to go.  Maybe track lights??  We will see what we can find.

The carpet is in good shape,which is nice.  However the ceiling is not, although new, and that is a daunting prospect. The trim around the ceiling needs some work or maybe replacing, too.

There is about 6 feet between the loveseat and the wall (in the above photo) some thought still needs to be given to that space. And we need to be sure to leave a spot for a desk and a location for the Christmas tree.

Because we had so many ideas running through our heads of what we would like to do in this space  we put together an inspiration board. Originally, we were going to carry the green accents down from the upper level, but then we saw something red that inspired us to change our minds.

We picked up grey slipcovers for the sofas, they are still in the packaging awaiting a finished room to adorn.  (By finished we mean started, ha!)

You cannot see it in the before photo but there is a propane fireplace in the right hand corner of the room, which has brass trim.  This is our main source of heat for the house. (With electric heat as a top up.) Ideally we would love to change it out for a more traditional styled fireplace, but cannot justify the expense at this point.  As you can see in the inspiration board, we hope to paint out the brass trim with a flat black paint.  This will have to be done in the summer when the unit is not in use.

We would also like to plank the wall beside the fireplace, and stain it a mid-tone colour to bring in some warmth to the room.  A nice distressed looking hunk of something would be great for a faux mantel / shelf.  We shall see what we can unearth on our travels.

Would love to find or make a blanket ladder to hold some cozy cover ups for our long winter nights of movie watching!

The colour red will be introduced subtly through throw pillows, blankets, lanterns etc.

We are currently using a black IKEA Kallax shelf as a sofa table but hope to replace that with something in a distressed wood.  Ian picked up an old piece last week, which was free, that we are hoping we can modify and use to replace the IKEA piece.

The other side of the room looks like this.

another photo of our move in mess, sorry!

There is sort of an alcove over there that is about 16 feet wide and has a nice big double window, this will be a second zone.  It definitely needs new window coverings, plain 2 inch wide faux wood blinds in white will be a starting point, time will tell if we will also add curtains of some sort, though likely not.   The china cabinet is only there until we remember to try to sell it.  We will not really have a space for it, and it is not really in keeping with what we are aiming for now.

We are thinking this space wood make a great entertainment area, as we are not into the whole typical bar look.  It is a good space to add some extra storage, a mini fridge for cold drinks and a microwave for popping corn!  A little Keurig would be nice as well! This area will also be convenient for any guests staying in the adjoining guest room.  A wine rack was a must ;)!

We used the kitchen planner at IKEA online to create a plan to share with you and inspire us.  (The grey door is in lieu of a mini fridge, IKEA did have that option in their planner.

We will choose a creamy white cabinet colour which we will then use to colour match a custom paint for the TV's entertainment unit.  We also opted for two different depths of cabinetry, just to break things up a bit since it is such a large expanse of wall.  A wood block counter will tie in nicely to the plank wall we hope.

What do you think? Are we on the right track?

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