Thursday, 21 January 2016

Brown Paper Wrapped Books


In our effort to achieve a bright and airy space, we did a little cookbook makeover.  Does that sound as funny as it seems to write?

We are collectors, I think we may have mentioned that a time or two!  Ian loves to cook, and try out new recipes.  He is not much of a Googler (is that a word?) so he has some cookbooks that he has picked up over the years that he keeps to refer back to now and again.

We keep them in our living room, as that is pretty much the only place on the main floor that has space to house them.

The only problem with that is that cookbooks are typically bright and colourful. 

Sort of the opposite of airy and quiet that we are aiming for this room to be.  (On a side note, we also need major cord control!)

And some of the books, like this one that we have had since we got married, are in pretty rough shape.

So out came some rolls of brown kraft paper.

And our trusty label machine.

It took a couple of hours.

But the loud tv cabinet cubbies are now quiet.

We are loving the finished result!  We also love that one of our favourite magazines "Style and Home" keeps all their spines white, no matter the colour of the cover.  So a few stacks of those fill in some more cubbies (did we mention we were collectors?).  Maybe one day, we will use those spaces for something else - we have been looking for baskets to fit into those spots for a while now without a shred of luck.

So glad that you stopped by!
Ian and Laura

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